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Dating Your Friend's Ex. The Ultimate Smite, or a Prelude to "Hugging it Out?"

November 16, 2009

This post isn’t really looking to offer any sort of advice really.  More or less I’m just unleashing some unsightly “thought vomit.”  You see, I’ve had this conversation before: Should you or shouldn’t you date your friend’s exes?  It’s a good question.  Most people I’ve talked to have a pretty hardliner stance on the whole thing.  However, I’ve been on both ends of this powder keg of a discussion… (more…)


How Do You Deal With Your Baggage?

November 3, 2009

Baggage.  It’s not a term left for your carry-ons anymore.  Baggage is a term used to describe people with lingering issues.  It can mean any number of things.  It could refer to someone who’s still hung up on an ex after a bitter split.  It could be someone who has an arm growing out of their forehead… From body mutations, emotional asphyxiation, to physical exasperation, baggage is something we all consider before we “get serious” with someone and if one doesn’t then they should. (more…)

Can Men and Women be Friends? A Female Perspective.

June 20, 2009

I have discussed this topic with two men recently and they both seemed to have the same point of view on the topic. Women and men can be friends but one person is always going to be attracted to the other even if the attraction is long harbored or fleeting. I think that is absolutely absurd. And yes I have reason’s to back it up. My point of view, yes women and men can be just friends in the most platonic sense of the word. (more…)

I Have a Nice Rack But No One Wants to Touch It: Confessions of a Sexually Starved "Hottie."

May 20, 2009

I have a nice rack. It’s basically a fact. And that rhyme is whiggity wack! Okay all joking aside:  Being in possession of said nice rack from the tender age of 13 I must admit I have misused it from time to time, yes sometimes it can be a crutch and used for the powers of evil!  By evil, of course I mean getting things for free that other less fortunate women not in possession of a nice rack must pay for: Drinks, free oil changes, backstage passes (yes I am serious),  free Starbucks (yes coffee!). Oh the list could go on and actually it does go on. So logic would dictate that if nothing else, my rack would allow me to excel in the dating world and in turn in the hot loving/make out world. It’s really a simple mathematical equation: If B (breasts) then C (copious making out). (more…)

Dating a Single Mother. Should You Do It?

April 9, 2009

The idea of dating a woman with a child can be pretty scary, if not horrifying to many a male. But it shouldn’t be.  You see, mothers are real people, too.  In many cases they are also women.  Crazy, isn’t it? The stigma that attaches itself to single mothers is the word “baggage.”

But that’s not really the case, most times.  In these times, especially in America, single motherhood is more pervasive in our society than it ever has been. There was a time when single mothers were a rare sight.  If there was a single mom it was because of a divorce or she was widowed. Today there are over ten million single parents in America today.  It’s proof that the dynamics of the traditional family have changed and continue to evolve along with social norms… That said; why not date a single mother? (more…)

Bring on the Boxing Gloves.

April 8, 2009

Any time you are in a relationship, it is bound to happen. You will have a disagreement. The first instance can range from a very minor argument to a full on, knock-down, drag-out fight. The first fight is a very important one. It can either cause you to break up, or can help you actually become a true couple. (more…)

This is the Sound of Settling.

March 7, 2009

Is not just a good song by Death Cab for Cutie, it’s also a frightening trend in people’s attitude when it comes to dating. Why do people settle for a lukewarm relationship? Settle for a person they are not crazy in love with? My parents have been married for 26 years and they are still madly in love. I think it’s fantastic that they still feel that way about one another after all these years. Isn’t that what everyone should strive for when it comes to their relationship? I know lots of people who are in relationships with a person they don’t see a future with and yet they keep dating that person. Is being alone so scary that dating someone you are only mildly interested in the best alternative? After about the age of 25ish dating for fun seems to be over for women there is a bit more pressure to find “The One”. (more…)

Dating Younger Men: Hot Trend or Plain Trashy?

February 5, 2009

Lately there has been a proliferation of older women dating younger men. It’s everywhere – from celebrities to everyday people. New terms (think “cougar”) have even been coined for this trend. But is it a good one? (more…)

Happily Ever After?

December 15, 2008

Happily Ever After. The phrase gets shoved down our throats from the time we are born. We are taught to be brides and told that our wedding will be the most important day of our lives. No pressure to find “The One,” right? Yeah. Sure. (more…)

Settle Me This or Settle Me That…

December 7, 2008

So it turns out that when you settle for a relationship it’s just one of those things that wears on you and just bores into your skull.  “Break up with this person already,” you think to yourself.  I think Taylorcast put it best in her blog “This is the Sound of Settling” when she says “Knock it the f*** off! Stop making excuses and settling for less than you deserve.”  That little slice of Zen got me to thinking… (more…)