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Timing is Everything.

September 27, 2009

Timing is everything in life. In dating it could make or break a relationship. Two people who are wonderful for each other may meet but they are in different places so it never works out. (more…)


Irreconcilable (Sexual) Differences.

September 27, 2009

There comes a point in every person’s life when they have bad sex.  Maybe it was awkward, or you have a different style than the other person.  Maybe they simply didn’t know what they were doing, or you were unable to communicate exactly what you wanted from them.

But what happens when you have tried patiently to explain what you like and what you don’t and the person simply doesn’t pay attention?  This situation becomes even worse when the other person claims that the sex is the best they have ever had. Is this something that can be conquered in a relationship?  If one person is unhappy with the sex, is it something that can be simply overlooked after time?  Will feelings for the other person overcome the lack of physical desire?  Or will it turn in to bitter resentment that one person is satisfied and the other isn’t? (more…)

Three Dates & Some Gin Sound Mighty Good to Me…

September 22, 2009

So I’ve found a new Gin to love.  I’m no connoisseur of any alcohol outside of beer.  I know, I’m sophisticated, right?  What exactly does Gin have to do with three dates?  Well, it (or any other alcoholic beverage, I suppose) has the ability to make a mediocre date go by quickly.  It can also make a date that has the potential to be  disastrous pretty awesome… Oh! Then there’s the third date.  Well, that third date has nothing to do with Gin, I just thought It would make for an interesting title.

So where should I begin? (more…)

On Opposite Sides.

September 11, 2009

Opposites attract but do they stay together? Relationships that last are generally based on common interests, goals, values and ambitions. Attraction is essential but without the emotional and intellectual connection there can’t be much depth to a relationship. When dating we are putting the best version of ourselves out there. We are dressed to impress, we are polite, we are on our best behavior in the hope that we can go on a second date with this person if all goes well. But beyond the looking good and light first date conversation there are the real issues that need to be addressed before a relationship can continue. Typically the heavy issues such as religion, politics, children and the future are off limit topics for the early stages of dating. While I somewhat agree with that, how long do these topics need to be avoided? (more…)