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Not Business as Usual. Social Network Powered Dating FTW.

November 10, 2009

I consider myself a battle hardened and tested veteran of the dating game. A first class adept of the first date. Sure, some of you may think I’ve never enjoyed the touch of a woman above the knee, but I’ll let you know that I have done it and I haven’t had to pay for it…

I’m not sure what the above has to do with this post, just follow me, okay. With the adoption of social networks by the masses to share information and collaborate it has created this gigantic cyber vacuum for people to connect in ways that weren’t really possible… Change is on the horizon, friends.


Guest Post on the Tornado Dating Blog.

October 8, 2009

Hey everyone!  The Urban Dater’s Yannibmbr (Alex) has contributed an article over on the Tornado Dating Blog. In this piece he talks about getting shot down and recovering from such humiliating situations as getting turned down by the parking-lot attendant and Big Sally Mamooshka, the Bavarian Car Tosser… Okay, maybe there’s nothing about Big Sally but, it’s worth checking out if only to hear Yanni’s tales of woe.

Tornado Dating is worth a look, too!  It details one single woman’s journey through the dating minefield.
Tornado Dating Breakups:

I stink at dating and am even worse with breaking up. I hate the thought of hurting someone’s feelings and try to convince myself I am doing everyone a favor by not wasting time or letting feelings become deep. I’ve realized there is no perfect time and the “It’s me, not you” is a legitimate excuse that no one wants to hear.

Welcome to the New Urban Dater Site!!!

October 5, 2009

Hello all!  Welcome to the Urban Dater.  We’re just re-launching the site.  We really hope you all like this iteration of the site. It was said by a number of people that the original Urban Dater site was a bit of an eye sore.  Come on now people!  That’s just hurtful.  *sniff *sniff.

Anyway, take a look around, we’ll be reposting all of the old articles in due time.  Feel free to let us know about any questions or suggestions that you may have.

Thanks and enjoy!