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Gelato: Real Dating In Real Time

November 17, 2009

Gelato is the next generation of online dating. Instead of canned profiles and a bunch of questions of who you are or what you like, you can instead import the same information with less effort and more accuracy from the sites you use every day. Not only that, but your profile is updated constantly by your activity on those other sites.

There are no passwords to forget, simply sign in through Twitter or Facebook and import the data you want. This makes up most of your profile on Gelato.

Sure sure, if you want your regular “I like to take long walks on the beach” typed in profile, there is a space for that, but its not really needed.

Through your online updates, people can really get to know you. The real you. In real time. Your stream says a lot about you and your interests making it much easier for someone who shares those interests to find you.

Gelato also doesn’t limit its information to Twitter and Facebook. Gelato allows you import data from many of your favorite sites to help further your chances of finding a good match.

Music Buff? Rather than having your fingers fall off trying to type your list of favorite songs. Instead, you can add feeds from Pandora or

Photographer? You can import your Flickr.

Movies or TV more your thing? Import feeds from Hulu and Netflix.

You can also import information from Seesmic and Amazon.

Our creator, Steve Odom has made it so that with Gelato, you don’t have to work so hard to just be yourself. With our stream and the variety of imported information you choose, the old standby profiles are yesterday.

One of the greatest things though about Gelato is that with our feeds we make it hard to be fake. On normal sites with simple written profiles, its easy to lie and misrepresent yourself. With our feeds, it takes a whole lot more effort on quite a few other sites to really pull it off.

We’re all about genuine people finding like-minded people. That makes for better dates. And that is Gelato.


Not Business as Usual. Social Network Powered Dating FTW.

November 10, 2009

I consider myself a battle hardened and tested veteran of the dating game. A first class adept of the first date. Sure, some of you may think I’ve never enjoyed the touch of a woman above the knee, but I’ll let you know that I have done it and I haven’t had to pay for it…

I’m not sure what the above has to do with this post, just follow me, okay. With the adoption of social networks by the masses to share information and collaborate it has created this gigantic cyber vacuum for people to connect in ways that weren’t really possible… Change is on the horizon, friends.

There's a Plot to Revolutionize Online Dating. Are You In?

November 9, 2009

Recently Alex aka ‘Yannibmbr,’ tracked down Ross Felix, CEO of a new and exciting online dating site,  We wanted to know why we should care about this site and the services it’s looking to offer to the single and lovelorn of the world.  As it turns out, Ross has a plan, no, a scheme; a plot to revolutionize online dating and he’s looking for a few good singles… Are you brave enough to find the truth and take up the Dating Revolution?  (more…)

Online Dating Tips for Women from Stacey Moroney.

October 28, 2009

I noticed that I had a new follower on the @theurbandater account from Stacey Moroney @the1thatuwant.  I took a look to read the content on her blog and found some great nuggets of information for online dating for the guys and gals.  I figured I’d take the liberty of listing some her content here, since I liked it so much.

Without further ado, here are just a couple of Stacey Moroney’s online dating tips.
(To see the rest of her tips please go to the original article)

TheOneThatYouWant Top 10 Tips for Online Dating:

To help you find Mr or Mrs Right in the world of Online Dating we have broken down the Top 10 Online Dating Advice tips to help increase your success in the world of Online Dating so you can date smarter and safer and meet TheOneThatYouWant!

1. Take time to write a careful winning online profile. Be open and honest about yourself, what’s the point in lying the truth will come out eventually. You wouldn’t want other people to mislead you online so don’t do it to other.

2 Describe the person that you would like to meet in detail. If you want to date someone who has never been married with no children, say so.

Online Dating: What to Say in a First Message.

October 12, 2009

Online dating is cool.  I like it because it’s very convenient.  You can check out profiles at any time you like and pick and choose what you’re looking for.  It’s kind of like Eugenics… But, um, not really… Well, it kinda sorta IS to a degree.  Let’s not belabor the point any further. Okay?  Good.  Even though online dating is convenient it, too, poses many challenges.  The first being: Getting past the first message.  How does one hope to elicit a response from the object of their desire?  I’ve got a few tips gathered from a few different sources on this topic.  You’ll be surprised what you find out… (more…)

Three Dates & Some Gin Sound Mighty Good to Me…

September 22, 2009

So I’ve found a new Gin to love.  I’m no connoisseur of any alcohol outside of beer.  I know, I’m sophisticated, right?  What exactly does Gin have to do with three dates?  Well, it (or any other alcoholic beverage, I suppose) has the ability to make a mediocre date go by quickly.  It can also make a date that has the potential to be  disastrous pretty awesome… Oh! Then there’s the third date.  Well, that third date has nothing to do with Gin, I just thought It would make for an interesting title.

So where should I begin? (more…)

Online Dating: Getting Out of the Inbox.

February 18, 2009

People that know me know that I date. They also know that a lot of these dates come from the interwebs. You see, I’m a member of a few different dating sites. They’re all free and what not and that’s how I choose to roll. It’s not that I’m cheap, but my best dates have all come from free dating sites.

I do have some guidelines for myself, where it concerns meeting a girl online. I’ll share them with you. You can use what works and cross out what doesn’t, of course, to suit your needs. Here are some things that I’ve observed: (more…)