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Here's to You Mrs. Robinson: Why I Could Get Used to Dating Younger Men.

June 28, 2009

If you would have ever told me six months ago I would find myself sitting across from a 26 year old in a brightly colored diner sipping Strawberry Malts on a Friday night I would have rolled my eyes at you and probably added a snort/laugh in for good measure. Don’t get me wrong, like every other blue blooded American girl I love myself a good diner and Strawberry Malt what I have never even considered before was younger men. Because dammit I wanted stability and no drama/games, I wanted an adult relationship. I kept this mantra in my head for months. Months of going out on bland dates. Months of not hearing from people for days at time. Months of last minute changes. And yes months of non making out (refer to “I have a nice rack but no one wants to touch it” article). (more…)


The "Sexth" Sense.

June 23, 2009

All women have gotten that text. The one from that guy. The one we haven’t heard from in ages, but that is conveniently timed within hours of our most recent breakup that hasn’t yet been advertised. Or the phone will ring, and it will be Mr. Almost-perfect-if-only-he’d-actually-pick-up-the-phone-and-call-once-in-a-while. He’ll wait until that precise moment that you’ve decided to get over him because you kind of like this new guy you’re seeing, and then he will pick up the phone and call. (more…)

Can Men and Women be Friends? A Female Perspective.

June 20, 2009

I have discussed this topic with two men recently and they both seemed to have the same point of view on the topic. Women and men can be friends but one person is always going to be attracted to the other even if the attraction is long harbored or fleeting. I think that is absolutely absurd. And yes I have reason’s to back it up. My point of view, yes women and men can be just friends in the most platonic sense of the word. (more…)

4 Ways to Get Over Your Shyness.

June 20, 2009

I date pretty frequently these days. A friend of mine once remarked on the difference between myself and her boyfriend. Her boyfriend barely went out on any dates at all, you see; he was a serious relationship guy. Where as I have been on, well, a lot of dates. A lot of those first ones… but I digress.

It got me to thinking: It wasn’t always that way, I used to be very shy, painfully so, actually. What got me to change and how did I get to where I’m at now? It’s something I’ve been thinking a lot about because I made a conscious effort that I was going to go out and meet people, I changed how I did things. (more…)

Introducing Your New Spark to Your Friends.

June 16, 2009

Well, the title kinda says it all, doesn’t it?  I mean, isn’t that what a good title ought to do any way?  As long as we’re all agreed we can move on.  That said, it can be argued that there is a great deal of importance when it comes to letting your special someone into your little world.  That world may consist of an unusually large collection of stuffed animals or, perhaps, a collection of Magic the Gathering playing cards.  It could get pretty bad folks.
Another area of importance, that can be often overlooked, is the friends a person surrounds themself with.  Now, I would never suggest picking and choosing which friends to introduce or not introduce to your new future ex-spouse.  But I would say that there a few things to think about ahead of bringing that new person into your social circle. (more…)

Dating Tips & Quips.

June 7, 2009

Shamefully I admit that I was fascinated by the VH1 show “The Pick Up Artist”. Basically some guys who have good game teach several nerdy, socially handicapped guys how to pick up chicks. The show got me thinking that I actually do have a small arsenal of knowledge that helped me to get a lot of dates over the years. I live in Newport Beach but I am definitely not the typical manufactured blonde, fake boobied , size 0, starving model that is native to the region. At first glance I know that I am not what most men are looking for in Orange County. Regardless, I have been able to get dates with all kinds of attractive men over the years. So here are a few tips for you (guys and girls) that might be useful (or might be annoying depending on how you use them). (more…)

Is Sex the New "I Love You?"

June 5, 2009

It took me one night of drunken passion between friends (which should never really be told outside ‘the circle of trust’), to come to a harsh reality.

“Phil, I think you’re too mature for your own age.” Too mature!?

Then it took me almost a year or so to finally realize that maybe that statement is truer than Jesus doing the Charleston. Being 22, I have only been in one serious relationship which lasted for three years. I attempted to jump back into the dating scene, but all three dates suffered from a lack of chemistry, or simply ending before they began. (more…)