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Online Dating: Getting Out of the Inbox.

February 18, 2009

People that know me know that I date. They also know that a lot of these dates come from the interwebs. You see, I’m a member of a few different dating sites. They’re all free and what not and that’s how I choose to roll. It’s not that I’m cheap, but my best dates have all come from free dating sites.

I do have some guidelines for myself, where it concerns meeting a girl online. I’ll share them with you. You can use what works and cross out what doesn’t, of course, to suit your needs. Here are some things that I’ve observed: (more…)


Dating Younger Men: Hot Trend or Plain Trashy?

February 5, 2009

Lately there has been a proliferation of older women dating younger men. It’s everywhere – from celebrities to everyday people. New terms (think “cougar”) have even been coined for this trend. But is it a good one? (more…)