How Do You Deal With Your Baggage?

Baggage.  It’s not a term left for your carry-ons anymore.  Baggage is a term used to describe people with lingering issues.  It can mean any number of things.  It could refer to someone who’s still hung up on an ex after a bitter split.  It could be someone who has an arm growing out of their forehead… From body mutations, emotional asphyxiation, to physical exasperation, baggage is something we all consider before we “get serious” with someone and if one doesn’t then they should.To that point, we all carried a burden or something that bothers us at some point in time.  I’ll tell you what my “baggage” is.  This will be news to a number of those that know me.  I have a kid.  Yep.  I’ve got a little guy out there in the world that I fathered.  I’m not going to get into the “how,” though, I’m sure many of you can use your imagination to figure out the technical part of it.

A lot of people have things that they carry with them, such as a child, or any number of issues ranging from a physical/mental impairment to being a axe wielding psychopath.  You never know.

There’s two plays to make here: One, you could tell someone right up front what your issues are or you don’t.  Personally, I think that’s what the whole “getting to know you” bit is supposed to be about anyway, but that’s my thought.  I’ve played this both ways and I have experienced success and failure with each.

A lot of people would say that if their date has an issue or some sort of baggage that they should be up front about it right off the bat.  I get that.  However, for me, I’d like to know if the person I’m going to date is someone that is special; someone that’s going to be there for the long haul.  If not, I see no reason to waste my time telling a story that, frankly, isn’t really one of my favorites to tell (you kinda had to be there).  If I’m not interested or things aren’t going anywhere, then I’m not going to bother.

There are others that feel that a relationship should develop and that these issues should be organically dealt with as they come up.  Again, if things are getting serious with a girl I will tell her and then see where things go from there.  I’ve dated women that didn’t care and some that did.  That’s just the law of averages, I think.  If I’m asked point blank “Hey! Do you have a child?”  I answer truthfully.  Many would see the omission of such a fact as bad as lying or “just like” lying, but again I say that a person’s business is their business and as people grow together into a good comfort zone then those issues can be deal with…  That’s my thought.

What do you think?  Do you have any “baggage” that you carry with you?  How have you dealt with your partner’s baggage?  Leave a comment and let us know!


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