There's a Plot to Revolutionize Online Dating. Are You In?

Recently Alex aka ‘Yannibmbr,’ tracked down Ross Felix, CEO of a new and exciting online dating site,  We wanted to know why we should care about this site and the services it’s looking to offer to the single and lovelorn of the world.  As it turns out, Ross has a plan, no, a scheme; a plot to revolutionize online dating and he’s looking for a few good singles… Are you brave enough to find the truth and take up the Dating Revolution? 

The Dating Revolution
Yannibmbr:    First off, who are you and what is your background?
Ross Felix: I’m Ross Felix, Founder and CEO of Dating Revolution. I’m a project manager and a business analyst by trade and have made my living by being a problem solver for a variety of companies that I’ve worked for. I live in NYC with my fiancée, who I met 2.5 years ago (on an online dating site).

Ybr: Why did you create ?
RF: I helped design and create a dashboard for an in-house sales database for a former employer.  Upon completion I realized how powerful this application was for our sales force, and that in my mind, efficiency is the LAST thing that online dating sites consider.

Ybr: Is there a void in online dating sites that you feel your site addresses?
RF: Sure!  We’re in an odd industry where doing a good job loses you clients, though doing a poor job loses them for you faster.  Many of the sites have flaws that seem to make you spend more time on the site, in terms of total duration as well as time per visit.  Our site was created after interviewing 700 singles, most of whom are online dating veterans to see what could be done to improve the experience. There are a number of voids that include the issue of paid and unpaid members, general sites vs. niche sites, and an inability to control who is able to contact you proactively.

Ybr: What makes the dating revolution different than other dating sites?
RF: More than anything else, our ongoing desire to put a pro-dater product forward.

Our site allows used to be more efficient through our EasyMatch™ technology, providing better user driven matches, while cutting down on unwanted emails (i.e. women in their 20s getting emails from guys in their 50s).  By providing color coded results, users can see how good of a match someone is based on what BOTH people are looking for, without even opening up their profile.

Additionally, we’re working on a community based application, which will enable users to join multiple communities based on religion, ethnicity, special interests and/or location. This is a stark contrast of having to choose a general site that does not address your niche or a niche site that is too targeted.

We intend to keep developing applications that will make online dating easier and more efficient, instead of trying to squeak every last penny of revenue we can out of our members.

Ybr: What have been some of the biggest challenges you’ve faced putting this site together?
RF: Trying to develop a site on a shoestring budget with part time developers.

Ybr: What do you want people to feel or think about when they visit your site?
RF: I want them to feel that this site was truly created with them in mind. After all, that’s why we feel so strongly about it.

Ybr: How do you envision users interacting with one another on the dating revolution?
RF: I see it as the same as on other sites. The difference is that you can more easily find the members you’d like to talk with, and are able to proactively eliminate many that you don’t want to correspond with.  In the future we’ll have additional tools that will remind you that you haven’t replied to someone, to help keep the lines of communication open. Finally, we’re looking at some creative ways to keep members honest.

Ybr: Who is your ideal member?  Who will your site help the most?
RF: Our ideal member are those in their 20s-40s who are serious about dating. Whether their goals are dating, a relationship or marriage, our site is designed to help them find their best possible match.

Ybr: Is social media marketing a part of the plan to generate interest in your site and product?
RF: In this day and age, it has to be.  We’re going to be looking to partners / affiliates for some of our growth, not to mention blogging, twitter and such.

Ybr: Would your site promote events where singles can meeting person?
RF: Online dating is great. But many people are more comfortable meeting in a more organic environment.  While we aren’t in the events business, we’d gladly work with other organizations that do run events that cater to singles.  Groups like Club Getaway, Zog Sports and Moxie in the City are fantastic ways for singles to interact in a fun environment where some of the pressure of being “single” is reduced.

Ybr: Anything else you’d like to share about yourself and your site and/or dating in general?
RF: We’ve also started a new blog at  We hope to make it more about dating in general, and how to be as successful as possible.  I’m learning more and more through twitter about the trials that both men and women are going through as it relates to online dating. I managed to survive the experience unscathed, and am now very happily engaged. I’d like to do what I can to help others find the same happiness.

Many thanks to Ross Felix for taking the time to share his vision for online dating and letting us in on the site and what he’s looking to do with it.  We really feel he has his pulse on what daters are looking for out of an online dating site.

For now, the web site is in beta and is still a work in progress.  However, due to the “construction work” the site is free to become a member.  I highly recommend that you sign up for an account and check out what they have going on. A couple of us already have and we like what we’re seeing, thus far.  Check it out and let them know what you think of their online dating offering.


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