5 Topics to Avoid on a Date.

Typically, if I’m talking to someone about conversation on a date I’m suggesting topics of conversation. Things that will perk and pique a person’s interest. However, what’s just a critical, if not more so, is the topics that shouldn’t be discussed. They have the potential to mess up your date worse than one Evander Holyfield’s ear after Mike Tyson ate it for a sensible dinner.{openx:2}
5. Health Issues – As interesting as they might be to you, generally speaking men and women don’t want to hear about what your physical ailments are, how you messed up your back, your reflux esophagitus, or how you have explosive gas.  Avoid these topics on your date, especially when you’re at the dinner table.

4. Your Ex – Avoid talking about your ex.  Again, no one wants to hear about them.  Many times, people may feel like they are being measured against your ex.  Talking about exes, especially right off the bat may reveal “chinks in the armor” you’re not ready to expose yet.  It’s important to establish a clean slate when starting off a relationship.

3. Lame Stories – Of course it’s important to tell a person about who you are!  One of the ways we accomplish this is by telling stories.  One way a person gets shut down by their date is by telling stories.  That is, lame stories.  Don’t tell them.  I’m not saying make sh@t up either.  I’m referring to lame time-waster stories where you missed a bus, or couldn’t go to the restroom because the facility was broken or how you missed getting tickets to a show by one phone call.  Unadventurous stories leave a person seeming bland.  Oh, as TaylorCast would say, keep your stories brief and to the point.  I could learn something there.

2. Jargon – I work in information technology.  There’s a lot of confusing acronyms and terminology that, frankly, people who don’t work in the industry have not a clue about.  This is tough because when I tell a woman what I do, I’m excited to talk about it, however, I can see the “checked out” glazed over look within a minute, if not less.  I keep the tech talk brief and elaborate if I can see my date is genuinely interested.

1. Sex – This one is for the men… Sure guys.  You know what you like and what you want to do to your women, but your date doesn’t want to hear about it.  Not only is it rude to bring it up and discomforting, but it also portrays you as grade A douche-bag, maybe even a douche-nozzle.  Avoid talking about sex with someone you’re on a date with, you’ll succeed at not causing your date to punch you in the weenis.


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  3. NecroticState Says:

    I had a female friend whose date talked about his bacne. We figured he was just trying to make it clear he had absolutely no interest in a romantic relationship, haha

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  5. Webmaster Says:

    Your friend is a genius and a gentleman, sir! A brilliant one at that, too!!

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