On the Down-Low…

For those of you who are, battle-tested and hardened, veterans of the dating game you know that, like life, there are ups and downs, peaks and valleys.  My friends, I’m skulking my way through some valleys right now.  No, I’m not depressed but I’m a bit discouraged.  Recent dates have left a bad taste in the ol’ mouth.  Nothing really came from them, which is too bad.  Though, I do look at the bright side of things.  At least I’m getting out there!  I’m trying to force the action, as it were. Maybe that’s part of the problem…

Dating, to me, is like most any team sport.  Any team wants to be in control and control the tempo and I subscribe to that notion.  I do like to date on my own terms, I don’t like to wait for things to happen.  With respect to dating, I’d prefer to make things happen.  That’s why I’ll go to random events with people I may or may not know.  That’s why I do online dating and that’s why I attend log tossing competitions in search of love and romance.

That got me to thinking: Am I really going to find the woman of my dreams at a log tossing competition?  Even though some of these heroically proportioned women have necks as thick as tree trunks, themselves, I’m probably not going to find everlasting bliss.  I need to change things up.  Okay, great!!  But how do I go about doing that?  Well, I think I should take a look at what I’m doing and examine it; see if it’s working for me or not.

  • Online Dating Sites – I’m on three different dating sites, all of them free.  The Well, my number one “go-to-guy,” has dried up for the time being.  I think I’ll take a break from them and disable my accounts for the time being.
  • Getting Out More – Not to say that I don’t get out, I do.  However, I often find myself doing my work at home when I could go out and do it elsewhere.  Sure, I don’t guarantee that I’ll meet anyone with a change of scenery, but it doesn’t hurt.  Perhaps hitting up the local coffee shop or bookstore would be preferred… There’s a lot of possibility there!
  • Try Speed DatingMiss C. had done something I found pretty interesting. Speed Dating; I don’t want to call it forced socialization or anything, but that’s kind of what it’s like… Sorta.  I just signed up today and I’ll either fly solo or with my buddy, Old Man River.

In the coming weeks I’ll take note of how each of these items is working out for me… Or not. Are there some other things you would try?  What would they be? Leave a comment and let me know hat you think.


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One Response to “On the Down-Low…”

  1. Rose Says:

    on the down low.. when working in a public place in hopes of meeting some 1….humm(no 1 will approach some 1 buried in a laptop. I would try asking your friends to set you up on a blind double date (bowling/catch a B-ball game). you have tons of friends tell them to pick a match for you and make plans. Let them know no hard feelings if it doesn’t work out just a fun way to meet new friends & possible Mrs. Perfect! have fun and let me know how that works …

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