Timing's the Thing.

There is a theory that exists that states that the best way to get over someone is to get under someone new.  This leads many a person to move from relationship to rebound.

There is something to be said for the rebound.  They make you feel sexy and important and special again.  They allow you to have a physical relationship again with someone.

But there are also problems associated with the rebound.  First and foremost, the rebound person may wind up getting hurt, because the rebound person is rarely around for long.  And, on occasion there are misplaced feelings that are put on to the rebound that can cause a great deal of confusion on everyone’s part.

But possibly one of the biggest dilemmas of the Rebound is when you find someone who may just be perfect for you.  The dilemma comes when you cannot figure out whether they really are perfect, or if it is just the draw of the rebound.

What would happen if this person had come at any other time?  Would they still be as perfect as they seem at the moment?  Or would you simply pass them over?  And even if they are a very good match, how can you ever know the answer to this question?  If only it was simply different timing…


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