Introducing Your New Spark to Your Friends.

Well, the title kinda says it all, doesn’t it?  I mean, isn’t that what a good title ought to do any way?  As long as we’re all agreed we can move on.  That said, it can be argued that there is a great deal of importance when it comes to letting your special someone into your little world.  That world may consist of an unusually large collection of stuffed animals or, perhaps, a collection of Magic the Gathering playing cards.  It could get pretty bad folks.
Another area of importance, that can be often overlooked, is the friends a person surrounds themself with.  Now, I would never suggest picking and choosing which friends to introduce or not introduce to your new future ex-spouse.  But I would say that there a few things to think about ahead of bringing that new person into your social circle.

The Company You Keep.

It can be argued that a great many people place a high value on their significant other’s company that they keep.  I do.  What I mean to say is that if the person you’re dating often hangs with people that are always into some type of trouble or just known to be drama prone then it’s likely that your interest is also prone to these same things in some way or other, if not as badly as their friends may be.

A better example would be this: I, being geeky, nerdy and otherwise hopeless on the “just be cool” front, have a number of friends who, like myself, are pretty nerdy and/or geeky.  It’s hip to be square, though, so it’s not a problem you see.  There was a song written on the matter, people.  Just trust me.  Anyway,  we are similar and share similar interests.  So when I bring a new gal into my social circle, she’s likely to meet some nerdy/geeky guys who talk about Star Wars and going to Comic Con and the merits of the Zune over the iPod.

Really, it shouldn’t matter which friends you bring around the person you date.  If your date doesn’t like your friends, it might be better to say goodbye and have some goodbye petting to make it all better… But I digress.

So if the impression you want to give off is important to you then keep an inventory on your friends and think about the impression they will give off and if you’re comfortable with that preceived impression.

If you are looking to date a particular type of person who is drug free, or religious or into bodybuilding or such, then take a look at the friends they keep.  Observe their social circle for clues.  If you wish to date someone who is anti-drugs, then you’re probably going to want to find someone that doesn’t run around with friends that are into drugs, how ever recreational the drug may be.  If looking for bodybuilding love… well, beefy musclely friends and friends that spend lots of time in the gym… Um, yeah.  You get the point.

Where to Introduce Your Special Someone?

That’s the noodle cruncher isn’t it?  Or is it?  I advise a casual situation in general.  Perhaps it’s a night out for drinks, a party or some type of celebration.  Some sort of event where everyone’s just ready to relax and have fun.

Good places to introduce your special someone:
•    A party, like a birthday party
•    Happy Hours
•    Prison
•    Social events like a barbecue or going out to the movies

Not-so-good places to introduce your special someone:
•    Prison – Nothing kills peer approval like hearing “Inmate 38752, your visiting hour is up, please go back to your cell.
•    Did I say prison?
•    A bar with where all your single friends are.  It’s generally a good idea to go somewhere that you know your couples-friends will be.  They tend to be more stable and easy going and would help keep things relaxed, in my opinion.  Plus the last thing you need is having a single acquaintance hitting on your special someone.


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