5 Ways to Tell if Your New Girl Digs You Like Dig Dug.

You’ve been out on a first date with a new woman and you’re interested in pursuing her. However, what you don’t know is this: Is this woman into me? That’s the noodle spinner, isn’t it?

It’s not always easy to discern if a woman is into you or not. However, there are some tell tale signs that, if you’re astute enough an observer, will lead you in the right direction when you ask yourself whether to pursue or not.

Now, I realize that there are many, many more than five ways to figure out if a new lady-friend is interested in you; but for this cat, we’re only exploring some of the more obvious cues that women give if they’re interested in a guy aka you!

Is she engaging you?

Is your date digging in and trying to find out more about you? This one can be iffy. I say that because any woman with a half a brain can ask you questions. However, is she asking you questions that you’d expect in some sort of interview environment? Or are her questions more unique; as though she’s really trying hard to get to know you? This is important, you see. One truth is that everyone likes to talk about themselves. So when a woman can put her own personal interests aside, in favor of chatting her date up you know she’s a catch. Also note your date’s facial expressions. Is she looking you in the eye as you answer your questions? Does she seem bored? (I know, I know, but that’s a good bloody indicator that she’s not into you.)

Does she get your brand of humor?

Again, this one can be iffy. Generally, most any woman will tell you that a sense of humor is right up there with breathing in terms of most desirable qualities in a man. You, your friends and your mom may think you’re the funniest guy in the whole-wide-room; however, your date may want to choke you out “Gracie-Style.” While that could be a fun adventure, it surely points to a dead end in your dating journey. If you relax and show your wit and humor and your date responds positively (aka laughing) then you’re on the right track. That’s one more obstacle down and no need to over do it.

Body Language

There are many, many experts who know way more on this subject than I do. I can only speak from personal experiences. I feel that body language silently communicates a person’s feelings and/or intentions. For instance, if I’m raising my eyebrows at my date rapidly then that probably means I’m trying to tell my date: “Hey, baby, wanna bed down right now?” Thus far, that has never ever worked for me. Some girl freaked out and thought I was having a seizure… Anyway, moving along… Things a woman will do to silently communicate that she’s into you:

  • Look you directly in the eye.

  • Women who are comfortable tend to communicate a lot more with their hands

  • Laugh at your lame jokes.

  • If she’s sitting across from you, she’ll lean toward you rather than away.

  • She’s more likely to touch you. No, perv, not in THAT way!! Instead, your date may caress your hand, your shoulder. She may take your hand or hold you arm in arm.

Is your date comfortable telling you about herself?

I’ve been on dates where the woman I’m out with is very quiet and not really forthcoming with the autobiographical details. That can be good or bad; I’ve experienced both. On one hand your date could just be nervous and is frozen in trying to think of details to tell you that will make her seem irresistable. This is fairly normal, I might add. So be patient and understanding and don’t be afraid to take up the conversation should your date drop the ball on you. Sometimes your date may just be a shy person or they just don’t overrunneth on the conversational material; and if that’s the case, generally, you date may be aware of such. They may even tell you, “Oh, I like listening to what you have to say.” If that’s the case, chat away. You’re in good shape. However, if your date is just giving you short-closed answers then that could be an indicator that you may not be headed to pants paradise. This particular topic will be discussed in more detail in another article about keeping conversations flowing titled “the Conversationalist Sensasionalist.” Keep your eyes open on that one kids. If your date is keen on telling you about her family, her interests and things that she does to keep busy it’s usually a good sign. If your date has follow up questions for you after each of your interrogation like questions then that is also a good indicator that you’re on the right path.

Does your date hint at a later meeting?

This one may seem silly, but it’s not. What I’ve found is that if your date talks about future activities with you somewhere down the road then that’s a good thing. Obviously you’ll want to do this yourself if you’re into your date. But note if your date does do this; it’s her way of saying she’d like to see you again you big clod. But don’t over react if you hear this. Play it cool.

And Then…..

No and then!!! If you note just a few of these hints mentioned in your date then you’re in a good place and primed for another date with your would be wife to be, or not. Just be cool, don’t be a terd; be the smooth talking Urban Dater we raised you to be and you’ll be fine. Promise.  If you’re not fine, then it’s certainly Miss C’s fault.


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